Audi SQ5 TDI 2021 Review

So the Q5 has had yet another an upgrade, and it seems this diesel powered monster certainly packs some punch.

The questions is though, are Audi buyers going to flock to buy this latest version of the SUV they all love or will it be left on the shelf like a sad “too late to the party” uncle?

Let’s see what Car Sales had to say in their review.


This is the Audi SQ5, and if you think we’ve been here before, you’re absolutely right. By our count, this is the fourth time Audi’s launched this hotted-up SUV in Australia. So how does the latest SQ5 stack up? Let’s find out.

But first, a history lesson. The SQ5 debuted in Australia in 2013 as a turbo-diesel. In 2017, the second-generation SQ5 swapped to turbo-petrol power. In late 2020, the diesel resurfaced as a mild hybrid V6 special edition, and now it’s been updated again.

The price remains unchanged, but there have been some technical and equipment additions, and it also replaces the turbo-petrol SQ5 rather than sitting alongside it.

The SQ5 is a subtle-looking sports SUV. New exterior styling flourishes include a honeycomb grill and optional OLED tail lights. Inside, there’s a new infotainment system that adds a touch screen and does away with the rotary dial. That’s in addition to a long list of carry-over standard luxuries, including Napa leather seats and 19-speaker Bang & Olufsen 3D sound system.

At 251 kilowatts, engine power is actually down 4 kilowatts on last year’s special edition, while torque stays the same at a mountainous 700 Newton-metres. That’s despite new pistons, updated intercooler and turbo tech and a new twin-dose, AdBlue emissions system.

So what’s the advantage of the new gear under the bonnet? Audi says the engine offers more response down low, has less emissions and saves more fuel. That’s despite the fuel consumption claim actually being slightly higher than before.

The driver’s seat of the SQ5 is a beaut place to be. The seat itself is superbly supportive, and everything you see and touch is of high quality. The Audi virtual cockpit is a cool feature that enlarges the Sat Nav maps so much, you’ll have no excuses for getting lost. Rear-seat space is good enough for adults, and you also get climate control back here. The boot is standard Q5 stuff, offering decent space with row two upright and cave-like proportions when it’s dropped.

But there’s no doubt, for all it’s practicalities and understated style, the SQ5’s star attraction is its sledge-hammer performance. It rushes to 100 kilometres an hour from rest in just 5.1 seconds. It’s brutal stuff from a two-ton SUV. The SQ5 pulls up for the next set of corners ably, thanks to six-part front brakes, and then tackles those corners with confidence thanks to its sports suspension and low-profile, 21-inch rubber.

For all its poise, the SQ5 can’t hide its ride height and centre of gravity. A low-slung sports car handles better. Still, if your diesel reference is a four-cylinder crew cab, then the SQ5 is going to rock your world. Yes, a 100K diesel, sports SUV has pretty narrow appeal, but in the case of the SQ5, it’s got the performance spec to back up the brochure claims. Fourth time is definitely a charm.


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